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And the Winners Are…

June 17, 2010

Our web designer did such a wonderful job on the website, please go there to see who won, plus a video of the first few days with the contestants.  Part II is coming soon!

Visit: to see who won! Also, JPC posted a letter with some exciting details about next steps!

To read the bios of all 8 finalists, check out the The Great Model Search Program Book! This is a PDF for you to download and read.

We will have many photos for you to browse so stay tuned!

For video clips of the event, please visit our YouTube channel at  The full wrap up video is coming soon!

Whew! It surely has been a busy one here at Johnson Products!!!

June 8, 2010

Megan Winston, Marketing Manager, The Great Model Search

I cannot believe it has been over  month since we last posted.
Since then:
1.  We chose the Elite 8 Models who will fly to Los Angeles for the Grand Finale.  You can see them here:  Click
2.  We have been planning the actual show.  James Gantt Elcock , Gretchen Sawyer and their team have put together a  very special show.
3.  We have had great news which we have been releasing on the Facebook Page:

We have Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Game) she did an awesome video for us here :
Mr. George E. Johnson, Sr. and his wife Joan both of whom built Johnson Products Company, Inc., will be honored and they will fly in to be with us.  The Los Angeles Business Community is excited to welcome them here.
Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has agreed to attend and present him with a lovely proclamation.
Rockmond Dunbar (Soul Food) has some exciting news.  I am about to interview him right now.  Stay tuned for that!
Kevin Nash (KJLH) rocked our live remote with Mann who will be performing his hit song “Text!”
There is so much going on. We are excited to meet these young women and show them a great time.  The VIP list is chock full of great people and the tickets to the event are only available at Sally Beauty with a minimum purchase from Johnson.  KJLH held a remote there this past Saturday.  Listen to win a pair of tickets!  Radio Free 102.3 FM KJLH!More later…it’s almost show time!
Pics from Saturday’s remote are here:

Congratulations to the Top 16!

April 28, 2010

If you haven’t been, please check out the to see the selections for the top 16 contestants.  Congratulations!  We are  excited for them and wish them well.  Shortly, another selection will be made and that is for the Elite 8, which will be those contestants (and their guests) that will be flown to Los Angeles for the June 12 finale.

Still, we know that there are 32 stunned and disappointed young women out there today and we feel for you.  All of the back pats and “You’ll get ’em next time” comments can’t fill the disappointment of the contestant that worked so hard to get to this point. Add to that number the previous round of young women and it can really tug at your heart strings.  We sincerely wish all of these women well.

We are thankful that we are choosing four in the end, unlike many other contests that choose only one winner, but to choose those 4 out of these 16 is going to be even more difficult.

So, let’s focus on the Sweet 16 who were chosen and wish them well. In them we see more than beauty.  We see poise.

We are now securing the performers, celebrities and judges that will appear at the finale so we will have some announcements soon.  This will be a red carpet event, and the ladies will be coiffed and dressed and strutting their stuff down the fabulous runway!  You won’t miss a thing, as we will have the video for you to see the show once the final four have been chosen.  Stay tuned!

Megan from Marketing Speaks Out: Thank You for Understanding

April 17, 2010

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope this entry finds you all well. I’m personally responding to the plethora of comments about the contest and wanted to give you each a little insight into the operations of the contest and to also talk about our experience from the Johnson Products end (or more appropriately, my view, a.k.a the world as Megan sees it).

First and foremost, the new Johnson Products Company, Inc. is a small company run by real people. A few of us (me being one of them) are young women just like you with the same hopes and dreams of success, however we personally define that.

Yesterday, we were looking forward to the midnight deadline wondering who the final Top 48 would be. We have seen your faces, and corresponded with you, so we were just as excited as you all were.

Then, we were alerted that voting had ended prematurely. Our clue? We got an email from one of you saying that voting was closed. Our first response was that it couldn’t be true. But, when we began to receive more complaints we discovered it was, in fact, true. At that moment my colleague and I simultaneously said “[insert your favorite expletive here]!”

We called our third party webmaster and lo and behold we couldn’t get in touch with our project manager because he was on a cross country flight! That project manager held the keys to The Great Model Search kingdom (or queendom). After about 3 hours worth of waiting and troubleshooting, we had our answer and our fix. The voting was set to end precisely at11:59, but a.m. was mistakenly input instead of p.m. as it should have been. And that is the way of the world. They say God is in the details. We all breathed a sigh of relief, added the lost time to the voting process, and began to field all the contestants calls. The vast majority of you were understanding and we appreciate that so much. Others jumped to all sorts of conclusions, but we ask you humbly for your understanding.

It is with my sincerest apologies ladies that this occurred and to say the least we were as shocked, stunned, and disappointed as you. Here, in the marketing department, we work day in and day out responding to emails, getting answers to your questions, fielding calls about prizes, voting, eligibility, etc. And we’ve been sitting here behind the scenes graciously taking it all in, servicing you, trying to make sure everything is working, because like you, we think this is an opportunity. The contest doesn’t work without our diligence and it definitely doesn’t work without your support. Thank you! For those of you who have already viewed the letter from our CEO, even he says thank you!

When we first initiated the contest, we thought that everyone would be fair and treat the contest fairly. Within the first week of the contest we all realized (you included) that we could not let the contest run on it’s own as we had hoped. Contestants were stuffing the votes by registering other peoples emails, placing votes a gazillion times from the same computer under different accounts, registering accounts with the same password, and a few other ways to simply get over on the other girls who were playing fairly. And not all contestants were doing it themselves. Many had people doing it for them and they didn’t even know about it. In the name of fairness and equity, our webmaster had to step in and perform audits all along on passwords, IP addresses, email accounts, you name it. We passed along the warning emails and removed illegal votes. This has been an ongoing and dynamic process. All along we asked contestants to communicate with us about it and you did. A few contestants had extenuating circumstances that we heard and understood. All along the contest has been maintained in a very fair manner and with the utmost diligence (probably with much more intensity than you realize).

We know that you ladies have purchased print, radio, and web media, hired campaign managers, and run to your congregations and schools to get the votes you deserve. This contest is not simply some popularity contest because you all are gorgeous in your own right and many of you have put your best faces and hair forward. Johnson Products’ panel of judges will be judging off of photos based on the criteria set forth in the official rules. We look at inner and outer beauty as evidenced through a photograph and those that move on will be put through an even more rigorous process. That is what discovering the beauty in you is all about, looking within and shining without.

We thank all of you  so much. If you attended the in-store promotions the day we had the radio station there, you probably hung out with a few of us.

The good news is we have quite a few new products coming out plus many more promotions that we will need you all for (Look for details about our Brand Ambassador Program.) At Johnson Products we are a family and you are now apart of this family So, stick with us because we love you all!

Thanks so much,

Marketing Dept.

Thanks, Megan!  That’s an Insider’s Corner scoop! We still have your comments, which we have consolidated into one page, because if we released them all your box would be flooded with many emails.  Most are available on the Page “Voting Concerns” which is a tab (link) at the top right of this page (formerly In the News.) We are directly replying to those that required responses.

Voting Time Has Been Extended!

April 16, 2010

Dear Contestants and Voters,

Due to a technical error on the back end of the website, public voting on the GMS site was down for three hours today. We at Johnson Products are truly sorry for this occurrence and have since resolved the issue.

Voting has now been extended to 3 a.m. (EST) Friday, April 16 to make up for the voting time that was lost today. We understand how crucial this time is for you and want all contestants to have a fair shot at the Top 48. Thank you for your understanding and support. Best of luck to all of you beautiful ladies!


The Great Model Search Team


April 15, 2010

As you know, tonight at midnight (EST) voting will close for The 2010 Great Model Search. If you have noticed vote tallies going down in some cases, they are being audited. Illegally begotten votes are being cast out. To reiterate an earlier post: We do not disqualify contestants because of this simple fact: anyone with Internet access can vote and can add votes illegally–and these can be total strangers. We simply take the illegal votes away. Please encourage your supporters to vote in the spirit of the contest and for them not to do anything that will hurt your final tally.

Exciting News!
We have something new we are instituting called JPC Brand Ambassadors. We will let you know more about it shortly. (We are busy planning the next phase of the process and the Grand Finale!) Contestants will be considered for these positions in all markets where our products are sold. Brand Ambassadors are about to have a lot of fun putting their best face forward for Johnson Products Company, Inc. all over the nation.

Who should win the Voting Grand Prize?
In the meantime, please post your suggestion either here on the comments page or on the Facebook page about a voter who deserves to be selected to fly to Los Angeles and serve as a judge. Since we do not know who will win, wouldn’t it be great to have one of your supporters on the judges panel?

Tomorrow, on the top 48 will be posted.

There is still time for those in close competition! To all of our models, again, we thank you for your participation. We wish you all well.

The Great Model Search UPDATE: No More Photo Changes!

April 15, 2010

Contestants will no longer be able to change their photos or modify their profile info as of today. As we quickly approach the end of the public voting phase (April 15), we urge you to make sure you round up your troops for one final voting push. Best!

By the way, check out the The Great Model Search Facebook Fan page. Contestants are making videos and posting photos and doing the most! We had a lot of fun reading everything! Be sure and click “Just Fans!”