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The Great Model Search

Thanks for your interest in The Great Model Search by Johnson Products Company, Inc. In the 54 year history of Johnson Products, Inc., The Great Model Search has been a favorite outreach to our community nationwide and beyond. Why not allow our consumers to grace the cover of our packaging for the best hair care products in the world?

To learn more about The Great Model Search, visit

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  1. February 7, 2010 1:01 am

    I think that this is a great thing that you people are doing. Now how do I vote?

  2. February 9, 2010 3:15 pm

    OK, Marcus. Voting is simple! Log on to Click on “Vote for Me” buttons below the enlarged picture in the center, and a registration box will come up or a login (for those who have voted before).

    Remember, you do not HAVE to fill out the optional part. That is ONLY if you wish to be entered to win an iPod nano, or an iPhone (with service agreement), or the grandprize–a trip for two to Los Angeles to be a judge at the finale event on June 12.

    Otherwise, all we ask is your name, address, phone and email, which is what we would need to contact you if you win! OR, click the “Vote to Win” tab at the top and you will land at the same page. Good luck!

  3. Abigail Pierre permalink
    February 10, 2010 10:40 pm

    It would be a wonderful experience to have an opportunity to become a model.

    • February 17, 2010 3:57 am


      • February 17, 2010 10:03 am

        It is a wonderful opportunity! Many people do not realize that Johnson Products is distributed globally, so your face on the product may be seen in various countries and states of the United States. The four winners receive a contract to appear on the product boxes of Johnson Products, as well as the trip, the $5,000 and more. Select the “Prizes” tab on the site for more details. Every model knows that she must build a portfolio. If you win this will be such a great addition!

      • March 17, 2010 2:57 am

        Show time is 8 p.m., Saturday evening June 12, 2010, when the red carpet will be rolled out for the contestants.
        I may have overlooked your question:

        The 8 finalists are all winners, as each will receive a minimum of $1500, a professional make over as well as the all expenses paid trip for two to Los Angeles and more. But the 4 Finale winners will win the following:
        • Contestant’s picture on the package of a Gentle Treatment® or Ultra Sheen® Relaxer kit
        • $5,000 in cash
        • A modeling contract for a Johnson Products print ad
        • A photo session with a top fashion photographer
        • A complete beauty makeover by a professional hairstylist and makeup artist
        • A year’s supply of Gentle Treatment® and Ultra Sheen® products
        • A fabulous excursion to a major city – all expenses paid

        Hope that helps!


  4. Tierra Hunter permalink
    March 8, 2010 1:16 am

    Ok, I would really like to win or at least have a shot at winning. What about the people that got the late memo on the Great Model Search, how will we ever be able to actually compete with the other voters that started a month or so in advance?

  5. rhonda permalink
    March 16, 2010 10:30 am

    I agree with Ms. Hunter. I have worked hard to get votes and I still average only thirteen to twenty votes per day. I am amazed at how the girls are getting one hundred and two hunder votes per day. If you pass out one hundred flyers, your return may be fifteen to twenty percent. However, It’s even lower when the voter has to vote the same time each day. The problem comes in on the weekends because your schedule is not the same as the weekday. I have tried all of your methods and I still want have a chance to be in the top forty eight. I went on facebook and asked some of the top contestants for ideas. You say don’t worry because you have other things. My goal is to be the face of Johnson and Johnson. I am spending a great deal of time trying to get people to vote.

    • March 17, 2010 2:54 am

      That was a great idea to ask the top models for ideas! I have wanted to interview them to see what their secrets are but I figured the other contestants would have a problem with that. However, if one wants to answer, feel free. Also if you want to tell me what they said, feel free!

      I think at the end of the day, AFTER WE CULL OUT THE ONES WHO ARE GETTING THEM DISHONESTLY–AND TRUST ME, WE HAVE OUR WAYS, the ones who are working their plans and succeeding are connected, they are involved in a lot so their networks are greater. Some are in big families and some who work at large corporations have an advantage. Some have 2000 Facebook friends, while others have 130. Some have been working My Space for years while others are new to the game. Do you see how they are already at an advantage?

      I personally have two friends who have beautiful daughters in the contest. One started before the other but has less that 20 votes. The other started late, and has over 600 votes. The second young woman has been in plays, involved in many clubs at high school, and now in college, has traveled extensively, and people just love her, so they stay in touch. Her Facebook page is about to max out. That, my friend, is the difference.

      We started Feb. 1 and new contestants have until March 30 to enter. But all contestants have about a month left to get votes. Get creative!

      PS: Chris Bosh is an NBA player. He wanted to play on the All Star team. So he had some friends make a series of videos of him in all kinds of get ups and put them on You Tube. His videos were funny and went viral. The public voted for him to be on the All Star Team–AND he was selected by Jay Leno to cover the Lakers v Celts at the first round of the play off game! (This was a while back!) What you do to promote yourself is not just for this contest–it will come in handy when you need to promote your film, book, video, or business! Get crackin’!

      • rhonda permalink
        March 17, 2010 7:44 am

        Thanks for answering me. I had a great idea today,however, in the middle of signing people up on my laptop a screen popped up and said” I’m over my limited with registering voters”. I’m back to the drawing board. Is it ok to allow my staff, parents and visters to vote on my computer. I have one more idea on my plate. I like to sign people up while they are talking to me, I don’t know how to get around the computer problem.When people get home, they will forget to vote.

        When you push the letter “m”, my picture is not showing up. The pictures on the random list seem to be the same. Maybe you can take their picture out of the pic once its been shown in order for the other 946 girls to get some viewing.

        I’m going to keep working it.

      • March 17, 2010 8:31 am

        You bring up a great point, but hopefully you will know why people cannot all register from the same computer. But, I will alert our tech magician to see why you are not showing up in the search. I do not know your contestant name, so I cannot test it for you. He will check your email address and see if he can find you that way. Are you putting in one letter or the entire name? When you click the letter of the alphabet you are not showing up? Let us know more so we can help you. And Shakira’s strategies are so effective. I thank her for sharing with you. She thinks outside the box!

  6. Shakira permalink
    March 17, 2010 7:32 am

    To Rhonda and Tierra Hunter,

    I thought maybe I could possibly offer a few suggestions. I’m currently in the Top 20 but that hasn’t always been the case throughout the contest. I started out in the Top 10, and then dropped off the Top 20 and now I’m back in the Top 10. It seems there is an ebb and flow to how many votes I receive daily. At one point my co-workers which adds up to around 250-300 folks couldn’t vote because our computer server is highly secured. It’s just been one of the setbacks along the way. Nonetheless, I created a strategy to send out emails to all of my friends and family twice a week. I wanted to be creative and have them remember me so…I decided to tell stories.

    In these emails, I usually give a very detailed account about my past week. I talk about all of the highs and the lows. I’m striving to become an actress/writer and am currently rehearsing for a play in Los Angeles. I include pics of the set and photos with my cast members in the email. If something inspires me like a movie, I write up a review about it and send it along with my voting link. For example: If you’re a mom maybe you can take pictures with your kids or have them create a video on your behalf and send it to everyone. Or if you’re a student, tie it into your goal of graduating. Write a list of things you want to accomplish when you graduate and include modeling and the link. Tell people what you want to do with the money if you win and how it can help you succeed. (Just random thoughts)

    When I dropped off the Top 20, I received several emails. My friends wanted to know what they needed to do to boost my numbers. That was a sign of encouragement. But it took like a week to get back on the Top 20. I’ve found that on days when I send out those emails though, my numbers spike up by 50 to 75 votes.

    Also Rhonda, you might gain more voters using an online strategy instead of flyers. If your family gets an email with your link, they can just click it, login and vote. But if you’re handing out flyers, they may or may not go to a computer for some time. In addition to sending out weekly emails, I use Twitter daily and send facebook messages. Even after all that, it still feels like no one is voting sometimes, and it gets frustrating seeing the other numbers climb into the thousands. But I just tell myself to stick to my original plan. Besides in the end your folks will still remember you for all your effort regardless of the outcome.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Shakira (Shak)

  7. trishuna permalink
    April 26, 2010 10:48 am

    Wow! It’s great to have made it this far with the Johnson Company. But most of all it’s wonderful to know it’s not about us as contestants. But it’s about the other women and young adults whose lives we are impacting, as they look at the beauty on the outside, and most of all feel our love on the inside. Besides if the heart is not right nothing else matters. Being the founder of Women of Hope (501C3) Org. we help women get back out into the work force feeling their best by looking their best. I realize it’s important to not think on what you can get but, it’s about who you can give help to by empowering, impacting, encouraging and most of all helping someone feel sure about who they are. All women are beautiful in a special kind of way. Enjoy these pictures of me, Trishuna Brown, a contestant in the Top 48 of Johnson’s Great Model Search. Out doing outreach with an organization called ImpacKids to help kids realize it’s more to life than having their pants on the ground or young women feeling loved by having a baby at a young age. It’s a community program that fosters young individual’s ethical, social and intellectual development for the betterment of society. We were out walking for a better life for our youth. My encouragement to you is, please get out and help someone with kind words, a big smile or even reading to a young child. Am I my brother’s keeper? The answer is, “Yes I am!” Take the “me” out of life and put “someone else” in. 

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