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Nervous Time? Here’s A Message from One in the Top 20

April 13, 2010

Whew! Those who are in the top 20 can practically kick back and coast to the finish line. The hard work is done and passing to the next level — if everything is on the up and up–is likely.

For those  who think they are in the next 28, this must be nervous time.  Well, the sisters in the top 20 have graciously shared with us some of their strategies for our media stories.  Of course, there are only two days left at this writing, so time is working against you, but sometimes just knowing that another person went through way more trouble than you can help you put things into perspective.

Serita--Top 20 Contestant

From Serita Love, Top 20 Contestant:  An Excerpt

***My vote gathering process***


My name is Serita Love, and my journey in “The Great Model Search” has been beyond incredible!! It granted me the opportunity to place my creativity to work in a whole new way. When I told family and friends that I had entered to become a contestant, they seemed happier than I was. At that moment, I had over 1300 Facebook, and 1000 Myspace friends.

Originally, I collected votes with a “Goal of the day” tactic.  Every time a goal was met, we always attempted to exceed that goal by 50-100 votes by midnight. All I wanted to do was make it to the Top 8, Nationwide. Eventually, I made it to #1, and that was quite the accomplishment! I clarified to everyone that rank wasn’t as important as having a chance to make it to the next round as a semi-finalist.

I turned my voting process into a voting campaign called “Help one of Chicago’s finest, follow a DREAM!” I turned the concept into a Facebook event that allowed me to mass message my supporters every single day. Some of my friends and family members became campaign managers, and they were very dedicated to getting people to vote on a daily basis.

During my campaign, I ran it similar to a college basketball season. Anyone who supported me, supported “Team Rita”. Our “TEAM” colors were blue, silver, and black.  We’ve had faith that I could make it pretty far, from day one…

…Thank you, Johnson Products for giving one of Chicago’s finest, a chance to follow a dream. I recollect viewing the billboards that stated: “Are you next?”

I think to myself, and answer: “Maybe.”

Warm regards,

Serita M. Love

Thank you, Serita!  After reading these very helpful words, we are impressed.  We have more letters we will share in the coming days.  

Now for the other contestants, let us ask this:  please take the high road.  If you earned thousands of votes and it was not enough, you STILL have built up your name recognition.  You can take what you have learned about this process and create a position for you as a social media expert, and trust me, executive directors are looking for people who have internet marketing down to a science.  Until now, we have had a lot of fun and suspense, but we know that sometimes when it is close and one person does not make it, the disappointment can turn into something altogether different.

Our take is this: Celebrate the winners. Wish them the best. Your time is coming for something else good.  And take this positive attitude and apply it to your future endeavors.  You, too, are a winner, because you showed the world that you have drummed up thousands of supporters because of your talents and not just your good looks.  Don’t believe me?  Go back to the contestant page.  You will see absolutely beautiful girls with few votes.  Or no votes.  It is not about beauty…you had no control over your family’s good genes, dimples, hair and cheek bones.  But what you did have control over you worked it and people responded to YOU.  So yes, you can start that business, that clothing line, that beauty salon, have that fashion show, stage that find-raiser.  Many models do! You can do it because you have already proven you can. We wish you all the best! And remember, Jennifer Hudson did not win Idol, but she sure as heck won an Oscar!


A lil Video from the March 27 Campaign

April 9, 2010

You can also see this by going to our Facebook Fan page “The Great Model Search” and check out the video from March 27’s final push.  You might be in it!

Voting to Close Midnight April 15. Top 48 Announced April 16 (So, What Happens Next?)

April 9, 2010

Be sure and tune in to on April 16 to see the official top 48 contestants who have been selected by our consumers to compete for the 16 slots in the next round.  FYI,  our official count ended March 31, but since we had an overwhelming response to our March 27 in-store radio promotions, we were still inputting the newly registered.  Because there were some that were indecipherable, that number may rise again but only by  few when the entrants reply to our inquiries.

Now would be the time to call your radio stations during open phones, visit live remotes, or just go down there and ask to tell folks on the air that you need votes.  Or. post your links to everyone’s Facebook you can think of to urge them to vote for you! We only have a few days left.  You have come this far.  Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle!

If you have time, please drop us a line about strategies that work.  We may use your stories in upcoming media campaigns!

What a weekend THAT was!

April 2, 2010

(Hi contestants!  Be sure and click the “comments” above so you can read what others are saying or asking!)

All over the country, model hopefuls came out to have their pictures taken and join the fun of The Great Model Search.  We even have some stars (the top contestants have become familiar faces, haven’t they?) and they came out and held court with those in amazement of how they amassed so many votes.

You can see these pictures and some videos at the Facebook Page.  Be sure and click “Just Fans” to read what the fans are posting!

So, now what? Now, it is your chance to shake the trees of everyone you know to vote for you and VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN, because you have til April 15 to rack up your votes.
Remember — all you  have to do is make it to the top 48 for now. Then the staff goes into action and whittles it down to the top 16.  From there 8 will be chosen to go to L.A. and then the 4 Winners will be chosen June 12 at the finale. Are you next?

Be sure and become a fan of the The Great Model Search page on Facebook (Just type it in FB’s search box) and you can see how creative the competition is at getting out their votes.  They are making up event pages, web pages, flyers, T-shirts, calling into radio stations.  It really is exciting.

Tip: If you get to call in to a radio station, be sure and spell YOUR name so fans can search you and vote for you. Tell them to go to to vote so they can try and win the trip to L.A. for two!

Tip 2: Tell your people to be sure they wait for the confirmation message when they vote. Also, make sure that when they log in, they click the “VOTER” radio button!!!

Bottom line: You are all beautiful and we hope you are having fun.  If you have received positive feedback from your face being on the websites or  Facebook pages, why not pursue that career in modeling, or acting or whatever you want to do? You have what it takes!

Current Contestants: You can get your pics taken too!

March 25, 2010

This just in!  In response to questions about this weekend’s promotion (scroll below for details): Yes, current contestants can have their photo retaken and uploaded onto the site. If they want to receive a free mini flat iron, they have to make a Johnson Products purchase at the participating store of $10 or more.

Countdown to the Finale

March 23, 2010

Contestants, here’s your last chance to improve your standing as we countdown the final days of the contest. Receive 150 “Participation Votes” by coming out to any of our in-store promotions with your local radio station on Saturday, March 27th between the times of 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. and capturing photos or video of your experience at the promotion.

Upload your creative content onto The Great Model Search Facebook page to receive your “Participation Votes”. These votes will be considered as an added bonus on top of your consumer generated votes at the end of the consumer voting period (April 15).

Not in a market where we’re having an in-store radio promotion? Well, you can still receive your 150 Participation Votes. Just email or mail in your proof of purchase (i.e original itemized store receipt) of a Gentle Treatment or Ultra Sheen product. Store receipt must contain store name and contact information and exhibit clear evidence of product name. If store receipt does not exhibit clear evidence of the product name, the receipt must be accompanied by the physical UPC code from the original Gentle Treatment or Ultra Sheen packaging. Proof of purchase must be dated between February 1, 2010 and March 31, 2010.

Scan and email your receipt to


Mail in your receipt to:

Johnson Products Co.
Great Model Search Team
P.O. Box 4520
Dallas, TX 75208

We have 910 beautiful contestants! Tell your friends to vote to win!

March 17, 2010

North, East, South and West, who has the girls that we love the best?  They are EVERYWHERE!  All this beauty is so appreciated and inspiring.  We just scroll through the pages and are amazed. It tickles us to see how creative you are getting with the cellphone self portraits! LOL

If you click our “Prizes” tab, you will see the lucky souls who have won iPod nanos and iPhones.  Your supporters and adoring fans can vote for you once a day and increase your votes and increase their chances of winning!  (That reminds me:  If you joined last week and only have one vote, you are not even voting for yourself!!!  What’s up with that?)

If you go to our Facebook page and click “Become a Fan” we will send you updates as we go.

Next week–March 27, The Great Model Search will be out in communities across America, giving those without Internet access a chance to enter.  Our photographers will be on hand to take pictures, so get there!  After that, voters have 2 more weeks–til April 15 to vote for you after the entry portion of the contest has closed March 30.

Check our “GMS Live” tab to see if we will be on location near you!  And join our Faceboook page  for updates!

Oh, and check the comments here!  Lots of ideas there!